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Our philosophy is simple, we are obsessed with serving amazing coffee. Plain and simple.

8am-3pm. Monday to Friday.

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We give eeffoc about good coffee and the planet.

Our coffee and our cups are sustainably sourced from local businesses. Make sure you ask us about our reusable cups and straws - after all, we only have one planet!


Our beans.

The process of sourcing, roasting and blending coffee is an important journey, requiring painstaking attention. Beginning with sourcing the highest quality beans from around the world, care is taken in every step of the process.

We support the Rainforest Alliance sustainable coffee program, which ensures that the high quality beans you purchase are produced in harmony with wildlife to maintain healthy ecosystems. The husks from our roasters are compacted into pellets which can be used in the garden, as a fire starter or in worm farms. We also encourage the use of coffee grounds in garden beds and compost bins. Bring in a reusable container to collect yours from us today!

So whether you like it strong, weak, black, white or you just need a coffee because its 7am in the morning, we have you covered.


Yum yums.

Homemade treats to compliment your amazing coffee. We have an assortment of yums for you to try and we promise you they are worth the hour in the gym! Check out our Instagram to see what we are serving today.

Our treats are lovingly prepared by Noisette Bakery and Marmalade Cafe.


Giving eeffoc about our community.

Eeffoc is proud to do our bit. We donate 10% of our profits to a different charity every three months.

Post who you'd like to see supported on our Facebook.

#choosetoreuse #responsiblecafes

We are proud to be a gold star responsible cafe!

Learn more about the work we do to reduce our impact at Responsible Cafes

Purchase one of our reusable coffee cups in store or online.
Your first coffee is free and you also receive 5% off your coffee every time you use your cup!

Summer 2020

The Victorian Pride Centre.

The Victorian Pride Centre will celebrate Victoria’s diverse LGBTIQ community, paving new directions for its future and honouring its brave, and at times, difficult past. It will provide an uplifting expression of welcome, engagement and belonging.


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8am-3pm. Monday to Friday.
8am-4pm. Saturday.
9am-4pm. Sunday.